Best GMAT Prep Courses in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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MLI Consulting, Inc. New York offers the best GMAT preparation courses in Montreal, QC backed by the best 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. MLIC GMAT prep courses beat all other GMAT courses offered by companies such as Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, Oxford Seminars, Richardson GMAT in Montreal, QC because MLIC prep courses offer the best GMAT training materials, use the best training methodology, and use the best, professional GMAT trainers to actively coach you to become proficient in GMAT assessment areas.

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GMAT Prep Course Location in Montreal: MLIC GMAT classroom sessions are held at McGill University, 1033 Pine Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1A1. The exact location of the classroom where the classes will be held will be communicated to our confirmed participants when they are sent instructions for the required in-class GMAT Workbooks. The Course fee for the GMAT prep course is U$1,495 plus GST/HST as applicable. You can register in MLIC GMAT Prep courses by using our Secure Registration Gateway.

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GMAT Prep Course Schedule in Montreal, QC

MLIC GMAT Classroom training in Montreal is held once each month for a new batch of GMAT trainees, starting on the THIRD Friday of each month and running for 5 consecutive days to end on the following Tuesday. For example, the Third Friday in August 2010 falls on August 20, 2010. The GMAT classroom training sessions in Montreal will commence on this day (Aug.20, 2010) and end on the following Tuesday (August 24, 2010). The classes are offered in Extended format, with in-class training sessions running on all five consecutive days (Friday to Tuesday) from 09:00 A.M to 06:00 P.M.

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  • All GMAT prep course participants in Montreal will be required to complete after-class home assignments on days 1 to 5, each home assignment requiring a commitment of 1 hour after the end of the day's classroom sessions. After-class GMAT assignments will be reviewed by your GMAT coach during the following day's GMAT classroom session.

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Pre-Course Training

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All registered GMAT course participants will be required to complete 50 hours of pre-class training in AWA, GMAT Math basics, and Review of basics for CR, RC, and SC.

GMAT Classroom Prep

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After you finish the pre-class training for 50-hours, you will attend the in-class training sessions in Montreal as described in the previous page.

GMAT Post-Class Prep

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After you complete the GMAT classroom training, you will be required to complete additional 40 hours of post-class training before taking the GMAT.

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MLIC GMAT Prep Courses offer the best value

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MLIC GMAT prep courses offered in Montreal, New York, Chicago, Singapore, London, and elsewhere train you, using GMAT prep materials that are frequently updated to reflect the emphasis seen in LIVE GMAT questions appearing at high-difficulty levels in current GMAT administrations. MLIC GMAT prep courses are taught by full-time employees of MLIC, who are professional test-takers and who have over 10 years of teaching experience. Learn more about Why MLIC GMAT Prep courses outclass Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Princeton Review, et al.

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All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC are backed by industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. You can read more about how MLIC GMAT Score Guarantee Works and the validation requirements here. You can learn more about MLIC GMAT Online Prep Course here. You can register in MLIC GMAT courses by completing the registration information at Secure Registration Gateway.

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