Goal-driven, Skill-enhancing GMAT Prep with 620+ Score Guarantee
MLIC GMAT COURSES offer the most highly structured, real training in GMAT assessment areas over highly-structured 120 hours, using questions monitored at the high difficulty levels on the currently LIVE GMAT problems, provide the most comprehensive study and training guides, and use professional trainers who are required to take the GMAT at least once a year and score in the 99th percentile. Our courses will impart conceptual and procedural skills, and arm you with works-every-time Strategies for maximizing your test-taking effectiveness in the time-critical computer adaptive format of the GMAT.

Unlike the tutorial sessions taught by student, unqualified tutors and that use hodgepodge training schedule offered by companies such as Kaplan, Veritas prep, Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, and Manhattan GMAT, MLIc uses a patent-pending training methodology that enhances your success on the GMAT. Goal-specific, structured training is what sets MLIC prep courses apart from other worthless preparation programs. In MLIC prep courses, You will be put through the paces of GMAT preparation in three distinct phases, and required to complete at least 120 hours of training during those three sequential phases of training as explained in the chart below.

MLIC GMAT -- 120+ hours of kick-ass training in 3 phases.
Turboprep® and 3-DAY Intensive Prep courses
Hours Required50 Hours40-Hours(Turboprep)
24-Hours(Weekend Prep)
40 hours(Turboprep)
60 Hours(Weekend)
When the training materials are sent8 weeks before start of in-class training or as soon as you register, whichever is later1-2 weeks before the start of in-class training sessionsPost-class training instructions are sent along with instructions for in-class training workbooks.
Score Guarantee ValidationYes, completion of pre-course training to the best of your ability is required.Attendance in all in-class prep sessions and active participation in class tests and quizzes is required.Completing post class training and taking the test within 30 days of last day of in-class sessions is required.
How the training materials are sentPDF documentsPDF and EXE filesPDF and EXE files
Objective of Training
  • Create a diagnostic baseline for your skills set, and allow MLIC to address your weaknesses.
  • Foundational and Refresher training in math, Analytical Writing, and grammar, idiom, and effective writing rules.
  • Advance review of strategies and procedures explained in MLIC's Turboprep study guides.
  • create a diagnostic baseline before the start of in-class training sessions.
  • Make you unlearn useless procedures and tricks learned from worthless guides such as you can get from Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas prep, MGMAT and others.
Get trained in higher level concepts, procedures, and strategies; intense drilling in application strategies. Diagnostic assessment of your weaknesses as identified in precourse training assignments and during the in-class training phase, and corrective actions.Practice in application of concepts, procedures, strategies in the home stretch. You will be in touch with the in-class professional trainer who can help you improve in your areas of weaknesses before you take the GMAT test.
What is covered
  • Basics of analytical writing; Review required structure and content for analysis of issue and analysis of argument essays: 5 essays to be completed.
  • Review of quantitative concepts and completion of concept specific assignments in properties of numbers, ratios, proportions, percentages, probability, algebra (factoring, exponents, inequalities, functions), statistics (mean, median, mode, standard deviation).
  • Review of techniques and strategies for Critical Reasoning and Reading comprehension.
  • Review of rules of grammar, idiom, effective and logical writing, and completion of an assignment.
Reinforcement of concepts covered in pre-course training, escalation of quantitative concepts to higher level areas, drilling in procedures for data sufficiency, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning, drilling in application of rules of grammar, idiom, effective, logical, and parallel writing. Instructions for post-class training. Diagnostic assessment of each participant's weaknesses and plans of action for going forward. (your completed pre-course assignments will also be reviewed as part of this effort.) More intense practice involving application of concepts,procedures, and strategies honed during the pre-course and in-class training phases. You may be required to attend Virtual classes with your in-class trainer. You will be able to have close contact with your in-class trainer and get personalized help and one-on-one review durign the post-class phase of training. We want to make sure that the issues identified during the in-class phase of training and in the pre-course training assignments are taken care of and you are on your way to a terrific score on the GMAT. Your trainer can customize the training during this phase and have you complete specific assignments in areas of weaknesses identified during the in-class training and pre-course training.
To learn about the structure of MLIC Online prep courses, please visit MLIC GMAT ONLINE Prep course with Virtual Classes,/a>.

Be sure to consider 5 factors in choosing your GMAT prep course:
(1) Quality of in-class instructions and Instructors -- MLIC beats all other me-too courses hands down in this department. MLIC GMAT courses are taught by MBA graduates who have extensive consulting and teaching experience, and who are required to take the GMAT at least once a year and score in the 98th percentile or better;
(2) In-Class Training hours -- MLIC offers 42 hours in their Turboprep GMAT courses and 24 hours in their 3-day intensive prep courses (which is more than offered by courses such as those offered by Kaplan). In addition, the MLIC courses require that you complete 50 hours of precourse training and at least another 40 hours of post class training before you sit the GMAT exam.
(3) Quality of Study and Training materials -- MLIC GMAT study guides and training materials are frequently updated to incorporate changes to the GMAT testing and to included newer types of GMAT questions appearing in the more recent tests.
(4) Committed support before, during, and after the in-class GMAT training -- MLIC offers a total of 120 hours of training and provides the committed and industry-leading support right from the moment you sign up to the time you take the test. MLIC cares for you and wants to ensure that you achieve a score of at least 650;
(5) Size of GMAT prep classes. Veritas admits as many as they can register, and they claim that their classes in major cities have about 20 students. Crowded groups do not allow instructors to identify weaknesses that the participants demonstrate. In contrast, MLIC courses are capped at 10 students, and most classes typically have 6-8 students per class. This small, compact group size allows us to apply our CPSD methodology and to coach you in the GMAT assessment areas.Enroll in the industry-leading MLIC GMAT prep courses today! You cannot find a better value for your prep course dollars and prep time.

Register today in the best prep course for the GMAT and get started on the required 50-hour long pre-course training providing foundational and refresher preparation in quantitative concepts, analytical writing, and review of Verbal rules and concepts. You can learn more about the MLIC GMAT prep courses by visiting the following links:

Unsolicited Testimonials
"Half way through the Veritas prep program and frustrated with the haphazard training methodology used by Chris, I enrolled in the MLIC GMAT prep course in Manhattan. Right from the time I received the precourse assignments, I could already see why MLIC was far superior. The training guides provided by MLIC were the best I have worked through, and the in-class instructions were the most thorough: Veritas instructor would randomly choose a few problems from their workbooks and OG, and hurriedly show how they would be solved. After class assignments were hardly reviewed, and I had to work on my own in clueless frustration. In contrast, MLIC instructor covered all concept areas, strategies, and explained all in-class tests and home assignments. Some of the critical areas such as sequences and conditional probability were never covered in any dept in the Veritas program whereas MLIC did a great job. MLIC prep was worth the time and additional money I paid for it.
 --S.Hoffman, New York Turboprep GMAT course
"I was working through some nondescript books for GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace this test before I registered in your course. Your course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the maths basics that I had initially struggled with. Your prework files (that took me 70 hours to work through against your claim of 50 hours) was nevertheless useful in giving me a brushup on the basics in maths and getting me ready for the programme. Your inclass training was equally effective. I scored an impressive 680 after your training. Cheers, MLIC."
 --Colin Cowdrey, London Turboprep course

"I took the Manhattan GMAT course before enrolling in your Turboprep course. When I worked through Manhattan GMAT program and the OG they provided, I was slightly offended and felt that I was paying nearly $1,500 for the $20 OG11 for GMAT that I could have bought at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The OG11 has problems that were old and all problems were explained; I did not have to go through Manhattan GMAT to have them walk me through the same explanations. But I did and guess I was not thinking straight. MLIC trained me with newer types of questions and actually had me show them that I have all the concepts and procedures buttoned up. The difference is this: My score after MGMAT was 540; after MLIC, it was 690. MLIC is exceptional value for GMAT prep.
 -- Rick Granja, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, New York -- GMAT Hall of Famer, ."

Click HERE to view more Testimonials.

MLIC GMAT prep courses offer the best value for your prep dollars and time for the following reasons:
-- MLIC offers highly-structured prep course for the GMAT CAT, and asks you to complete 120 hours of prepping in 3 distinct phases.
-- MLIC in-class prep hours are more than double those offered by companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review. GMAT has evolved and has become fairly complex; the 18-20 hours of tutorials run by Kaplan, MGMAT, and Princeton Review are not sufficient to get you up to speed in the GMAT assessment areas.
-- MLIC employs professional trainers who have over 15 years of teaching experience whereas Kaplan and Princeton Review typically use students who might have just started attending Universities and have no teaching experience. Veritas Prep recruits its part-time, hourly-wages paid instructors by advertising on Craigslist, and through phone interviews and skype auditions. These recruits become your GMAT instructor after watching a video of another instructor teaching a class. After ponying up $1600 for its course, you are then required to evaluate the Veritas Prep instructor in terms of whether he or she is good or bad.
-- MLIC GMAT prep is the only training course that is backed by industry-leading 620+ Score Guarantee.
-- MLIC GMAT prep course imparts strong conceptual understanding in all GMAT assessment areas, not merely provide worthless tricks and ask you to make decisions on 'gut instinct' as Kaplan and Princeton Review typically do.
-- Kaplan, MGMAT, Veritas Prep, and Princeton Review use hodgepodge schedule of training that jumps from Verbal to math to verbal. In contrast, MLIC offers the best structure for GMAT coaching.
-- Choose MLIC GMAT Prep course and get trained in high difficulty areas so that you can take the GMAT with confidence and competence.
MLIC also offers cutting-edge prep courses for the GRE General Test, Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and SAT/ACT. All our prep courses are backed by industry-leading Score Guarantees. Learn more about our other prep course offerings by visiting the following URL's. (Did you know that some business schools such as Stanford University and Harvard University will accept GRE Scores for admission consideration to the MBA programs?)
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Fee for MLIC GMAT courses
-- The fee for the Turboprep course in all U.S.A / Canadian centers is U$1,495.
-- The fee for the Turboprep course in all non-USA centers is U$1895.
-- The fee for the Turboprep course in all prep centers in India is U$895.
-- The fee for the 3-Day Intensive prep course in all USA/Canadian centers is U$1,195.
-- The fee for the 3-day Intensive prep course in Europe, Far East centers is U$1,595.
-- The fee for the MLIC GMAT Online prep course is U$695.