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GMAT Course Structure


All MLIC GMAT courses require that you complete 120+ hours of relevant, no-nonsense training in GMAT assessment areas. You will be required to complete pre-course training (50 hours), in-class training (24-40 hours), and post-class training (40-60 hours). Remember that MLIC is the only company that offers structured training in GMAT assessment areas, and actually trains you, using questions reflecting current, LIVE emphasis on the GMAT. Read More...

GMAT Online Prep Course

mlic online course

MLIC GMAT Online prep course, featuring Virtual classes in which lectures are delivered and test assignments are reviewed in real-time and in small groups, offers the best value for your prep dollars, and beats the other online courses offered by companies such as Veritas Prep, Kaplan, MGMAT, GMAX Online, etc. MLIC GMAT Online course uses the same training methodolgy as our Turboprep in-class programs do, and give you a structured road map to GMAT readiness. You will be guided through the training process by a dedicated instructor. Read more about GMAT Online prep course.

GMAT Course Centers

GMAT prep centers

MLIC GMAT coaching programs are offered in several major cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Tokyo. The courses in non-USA centers are offered in Extended format, and you can view the Schedule for courses offered in USA and Schedule for courses offered in canada, Europe, and Far East. Click to view the GMAT prep centers in U.S.A and worldwide.

Why MLIC GMAT is the best

mlic is the best gmat

MLIC GMAT prep courses easily and handily outclass and best other GMAT courses offered by companies such as Veritas prep, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT, Powerscore, Manhattan Review, Testmasters,, and others. MLIc offers real training in high-difficulty areas of the GMAT, using questions reflecting the current emphasis monitored on the LIVE GMAT problems, and offers the most highly structured training in GMAT assessment areas. All other prep courses are mere tutorials, using unqualified, uncommitted and untrained tutors some of whom get recruited through ads in Craig's list and sent out without formal vetting or training as Veritas Prep is wont to do. Veritas Prep and Manhattan GMAT both lie about their instructor qualifications, provide substandard training materials, and frequently cancel classes. MGMAT knows that its course is the pits and does not bother to offer any kind of guarantee. Read more the scams, deceptions, and non-disclosures of companies such as Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT.

Fee, Registration, Contact

course_fee --The fee for the GMAT Turboprep course in all U.S.A and Canadian prep centers is U$1,450. (Participants in Canadian courses will pay a GST at the prevailing rates.)
--The fee for the GMAT Turboprep course in London, Continental Europe, Dubai. Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong is U$1,895. The fee for the GMAT Turboprep course in Indian centers is U$895.
--The fee for the Weekend Intensive prep course in U.S.A and Canada is U$1,150. The fee in London, and all overseas locations is U$1,595. The Weekend Intensive prep course is not offered in India and Dubai.
--The fee for the GMAT Online prep course is U$695 everywhere.
Read more about the Fee for and registration procedurein MLIC courses.

GMAT & MBA Rankings


GMAT® is a trademark of GMAC® and administered by Pearson Vue®, and a computer-adaptive standardized test that is a requirement for admission to most Business Schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, Far East, and the rest of the world. The test lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes, and is scored on a range between 200 and 800, inclusive. MLIC GMAT prepares you for achieving scores in excess of 700 so that you can apply to Top-tier Business programs. Learn more about GMAT Test and registration procedure and about MBA Program rankings.

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MLIC GMAT Prep Advantage

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MLIC GMAT Prep Courses train more GMAT test-takers in major markets than Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT (now Kaplan), and all others combined, and backs up the training with industry leading Score Guarantee. REGISTER now in the best GMAT Turboprep® courses offered in the GMAT prep course centers in New York City, Chicago (Lombard), Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.c., Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, London UK, Frankfurt Am Main, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai. Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toky, and Sydney.

MLIC Inc. leads the industry in offering goal-driven, skill-enhancing GMAT preparation courses backed by our unique 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. What sets MLIC GMAT prep courses apart from other, worthless GMAT course offerings are FOUR factors:
--Superior Training Methodology that focuses on imparting conceptual and procedural skills, and on delivering works-every-time Strategies for picking the correct answers so that you can take the GMAT competently and with enhanced confidence.
--The best and the most relevant GMAT Training materials that are frequently updated to reflect the LIVE emphasis seen on high-difficulty GMAT problems.
--The best professional trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience.
--The best structure for GMAT training -- three distinct, logical phases featuring 120+ hours of relevant, kick-ass training in GMAT assessment areas. MLIC actually trains you, not just feed you some useless tricks that do not work as Veritas prep, Kaplan, and all others do.

Objective of GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC

The objective of industry-leading GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC is to provide highly structured training in GMAT-critical areas, impart relevant concepts and proredures required to take the GMAT competently, and to inclulcate works-every-time strategies for improving your test-taking effectiveness in a time-critical GMAT environment. The objective of MLIC GMAT prep courses is also to make you competent in the high-difficulty GMAT assessment areas so that you can be prepared to shoot for and achieve scores on the right side of 700, a score that is necessary for serious admission consideration at major Business schools in U.S.A and worldwide.

MLIC GMAT Prep course options

MLIC offers a choice of three courses to prepare for the GMAT-CAT. Click on the links to learn more about the various course options offered by MLIC.


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All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC are backed by industry-leading 620+ GMAT score Guarantee. MLIC is able to offer this score guarantee because our prep courses are high-impact training sessions, not mere tutorials or seminars that give you a smattering of information about GMAT as offered by companies such as Kaplan, Veritas prep, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, Testmasters, Powerscore, and all others. Of course, you will be required to validate the score guarantee by completing all 120+ hours of prep work, attend all in-class sessions, actively participate in in-class tests and home assignments provided at the end of each day of training, and take the test within 30 days of completing the in-class training sessions. Needless to say, MLIC prep courses will train you at a level that is sufficient to score better than 700 on the GMAT.


If you are taking our GMAT ONLINE prep course, you must complete all 120 hours of diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments within 12 weeks of receiving your Week 1 set of instructions , actively participate in our TELEPHONIC or WEB interactions as scheduled by your professional coach from time to time, and take the test within 30 days of getting the go-ahead from your dedicated GMAT trainer.


If, after meeting the score guarantee eligibility requirements as described above, you fail to score at least 620 on the GMAT, then any additional prep support that you need to be provided with not be charged for. Such additional prep support may involve having you take the course again or working with you in the specific areas in which you demonstrate weaknesses. Our Score Guarantee does not imply refund of fees paid, but clearly includes unqualified support from MLIC as long as you made a good-faith effort to complete all assignments as required to validate your score guarantee. Remember that MLIC is the only company that offers goal-driven and skill-enhancing prep courses for the GMAT, using our patent-pending CPSD methodology, and trains you using the most relevant concepts and types of questions that have been monitored to appear on the recent GMAT administrations. MLIC GMAT -- your best GMAT prep option and your best value for your prep dollars and prep time. Register today in industry-leading MLIC GMAT Prep course.

Testimonials about MLIC GMAT Prep courses

Half way through the Veritas prep program and frustrated with the haphazard training methodology used by Chris, I enrolled in the MLIC GMAT prep course in Manhattan. Right from the time I received the precourse assignments, I could already see why MLIC was far superior. The training guides provided by MLIC were the best I have worked through, and the in-class instructions were the most thorough: Veritas instructor would randomly choose a few problems from their workbooks and OG, and hurriedly show how they would be solved. After class assignments were hardly reviewed, and I had to work on my own in clueless frustration. In contrast, MLIC instructor covered all concept areas, strategies, and explained all in-class tests and home assignments. Some of the critical areas such as sequences and conditional probability were never covered in any dept in the Veritas program whereas MLIC did a great job. MLIC prep was worth the time and additional money I paid for it.
-- S.Hoffman, New York Turboprep GMAT course.

"I was working through some nondescript books for GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace this test before I registered in your course. Your course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the maths basics that I had initially struggled with. Your prework files (that took me 70 hours to work through against your claim of 50 hours) was nevertheless useful in giving me a brushup on the basics in maths and getting me ready for the programme. Your inclass training was equally effective. I scored an impressive 680 after your training. Cheers, MLIC."
-- Colin Cowdrey, London Turboprep course.

"I took your turboprep course after participating in Veritas gmat course, and found your training exponentially better. The study materials were far superior and covered the gmat sections more comprehensively, and your in-class instructions were a thousand times better than I had seen with Veritas. For example, Veritas showed a few sample problems during the in-class sessions and let me work on my own with their question bank. When I showed up in the next class, there was no review of homework problems. MLIC, on the other hand, gave all of us after-class home assignments and reviewed all of it during the following day. The instructor was a professional and was patient in helping us understand difficult concepts such as sequences and functions, which were never discussed at any length in Veritas program and which actually showed up on my test. I have no reservation in recommending MLIC gmat course.
-- KPJ, Los Angeles, CA.

"I had taken the Kaplan GMAT prep before I took the MLIC prep class in Los Angeles. I found the Kaplan method insulting and insufficient to help me feel confident. The MLIC course, on the other hand, was intense, and helped me understand my weaknesses. I also received patient help from the instructor who was professional, highly skilled, and full of humor. All in all, a worthwhile investment. My GMAT score improved from 520 to 660, sufficient to get me into USC."
-- Rebecca Tinsley, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, Los Angeles, GMAT Hall of Famer."

Contact Information and Download Resources

GMAT Prep Course Hotlines in U.S.A and Canada1 888 565 GMAT (4628)
1 212 682 5000, 1 312 235 2850,
1 213 985 3450, 1 214 329 9678
GMAT Prep Course Hotlines in Europe, Far East+44 (0) 208 123 5060, +41 (0) 44 58 6789 7, +49 (0) 662 721 7330, +81 50 55 32 6500, +55 12 32 12 3300, +852 8193 4080
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GMAT Test RegistrationCall 1 800 717 GMAT to register or go to GMAT TEST Scheduling Website
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MLIC GMAT Course Registration Procedure

What you can expect after registering

Within 24 hours of submitting the registration or calling to register, you will receive confirmation of your registration. You will be started on the required pre-course training (commitment of 50 hours required) as soon as you register or 2 months before the start of in-class training sessions, whichever is later. The pre-course training files (including study guides) are included in a link from which you can download the required documents (PDF and Word files). You will also be sent instructions for downloading the required in-Class workbooks and post-class assignment files about 2 weeks before the start of in-class training sessions. You are encouraged to use the in-class Workbooks on your laptop computer so that you can get the needed practice in viewing the problems on the computer.
Register in the best GMAT preparation courses offered by MLIC today and get started on the coaching that will put you on the path to a score of better than 700 on the GMAT. MLIC GMAT Coaching programs define the gold standard by which all other prep courses ought to be judged.