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The best GMAT Prep in Berlin, DE

GMAT prep course Berlin

Register now in the best GMAT prep course offered by MLIC in Berlin, Germany
MLIC GMAT is the only goal-driven and skill-enhancing preparation course backed by industry-leading 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee. MLIC GMAT prep is the best GMAT preparation in Berlin, DE for the following reasons:

  • MLIC is the only GMAT prep company that uses frequently updated GMAT Study and GMAT training materials that reflect the emphasis seen on the current, LIVE GMAT problems.
  • MLIC GMAT employs professional GMAT trainers who are required to take the GMAT test at least once each year, score in the 99th percentile, and test our proprietary Strategies for their relevance to the current content of the GMAT so that you receive top-notch preparation in GMAT assessment areas in order to achieve GMAT scores of better than 700.
  • MLIC GMAT employes the best GMAT training methodology and offers the only structured training in GMAT assessment areas, and puts you through the paces over a 120-hour period so that you receive the most comprehensive preparation in GMAT assessment areas.
  • In contrast, GMAT prep courses offered by companies such as Veritas Prep GMAT, PrimeGMAT, Manhattan Review GMAT,, Manhattan GMAT, and others either rely on The GMAT Official Guide that already comes with full explanations of the problems covered or, worse, use their made-up materials that are not representative of the GMAT content or emphasis. In addition, all these me-too GMAT courses use part-time tutors who are, for the most part, ill-prepared, uncommitted, and untrained to deliver effective training. Most of these GMAT courses rely on tutorials and seminar approach that are not conducive to your receiving the required training in GMAT assessment areas.
  • MLIC GMAT is the gold standard by which all other GMAT prep courses ought to be judged. Register NOW in the top-notch GMAT preparation course offered in Berlin, DE and get started on the required 50-hour long pre-course training that ensures that you receive the foundational preparation in basics before you attend the GMAT classroom prep sessions.

GMAT Prep Schedule & Location in Berlin, DE

GMAT class in berlin

MLIC GMAT prep courses are offered ONCE each month in Berlin, Germany for a new batch of students, starting on the SECOND FRIDAY of each month and running for 4 consecutive days (Friday to Monday). The location of preparation course is:

  • Berlin Marriott, Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany.
The hours of in-class preparation:
  • Friday to Monday: 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM.
The Course fee for the 4-day Turboprep® GMAT course in Berlin, DE is U$1,695. The fee for the 3-day GMAT intensive prep course in Berlin, DE is U$1,395.

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Testimonials about MLIC GMAT

best gmat course testimonials

I was working through some nondescript books for the GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace this test before I registered in your course. Your course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the maths basics that I had initially struggled with. Your prework files (that took me 70 hours to work through against your claim of 50 hours) was nevertheless useful in giving me a brushup on the basics in maths and getting me ready for the programme. Your inclass training was equally effective. I scored an impressive 680 after your GMAT training. Cheers, MLIC.

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top gmat course belin

Manhattan Review course for GMAT is garbage. Do not enroll in it. I was burnt so bad I had to miss my application deadline. I took their course twice, each time scoring no better than 480. I then found out about MLIC prep for GMAT. When I received their preclass GMAT modules, I knew I was on track to a better score. The GMAT prep offered by MLIC is well structured, and their in-class GMAT sessions are run by professional trainers rather than by students as was the case with Manhattan Review. My Score after MLIC GMAT was 680, an improvement of 200 points. Thanks, MLIC.

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leading gmat prep germany

I want to thank you for an excellent GMAT prep class in New York City. I am happy to report a score of 730 on the test that I took 10 days after the turboprep class in Manhattan. Your GMAT course is the best for the following reasons: (1) your study materials are the most thorough I have seen of any prep materials for the GMAT I have worked through; (2) The quality of in-class training was outstanding. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient; and (3) the course had a great structure, with the pre-class training assignments providing the required exposure to the concepts tested on the GMAT. The training materials covered the very basic to the most advanced, and were laid out in easy to follow format. I have no hesitation in recommending MLIC prep course for the GMAT..

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best gmat prep class in berlin munich frankfurt germany

Half way through the Veritas prep program and frustrated with the haphazard training methodology used by Chris, I enrolled in the MLIC GMAT prep course in Manhattan. Right from the time I received the precourse assignments, I could already see why MLIC was far superior. The training guides provided by MLIC were the best I have worked through, and the in-class instructions were the most thorough: Veritas instructor would randomly choose a few problems from their workbooks and OG, and hurriedly show how they would be solved. After class assignments were hardly reviewed, and I had to work on my own in clueless frustration. In contrast, MLIC instructor covered all concept areas, strategies, and explained all in-class tests and home assignments. Some of the critical areas such as sequences and conditional probability were never covered in any dept in the Veritas program whereas MLIC did a great job. MLIC prep was worth the time and additional money I paid for it.

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Why MLIC GMAT outclasses Veritas Prep GMAT, Manhattan GMAT, Manhattan Review..

MLIC GMAT CourseAll other GMAT courses
MLIC employs committed, full-time employees who are professional GMAT trainers and who are required to take the GMAT at least once each year, and score in the 99th percentile. Our professional GMAT coaches also test the strategies we employ to determine that the they are still relevant to the current format and content of GMAT.All other prep courses employ part-time, uncommitted, and mostly untrained individuals, some of whom may never have taken the actual GMAT. Quacks cannot train you as well as MLIC professionals can.
MLIC provides the most comprehensive GMAT prep materials that are regularly updated to reflect the changes on the GMAT and to be consistent with the current emphasis monitored on LIVE GMAT problems. All other GMAT prep courses offered in Berlin, Germany use the GMAT Official Guide that already contains explanations or, worse, use their own made-up and irrelevant training materials. You receive from these operators broad overview of GMAT rather than solid drilling that MLIC provides.
Only MLIC GMAT prep courses are backed by industry-leading 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee. MLIC offers goal-driven and skill-enhancing GMAT preparation courses in Berlin, DE. No other GMAT prep course offers any goal-specific score guarantee, if they offer any guarantee at all.
Be wise. Choose MLIC GMAT prep courses offered in Berlin, Germany today. You can learn about GMAT courses offered in München and Frankfurt here: München GMAT | Frankfurt GMAT.

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