MLICETS, an Educational Training Services Division of MLI Consulting, Inc. New York, offers industry-leading, goal-driven, skill-enhancing, and the best GMAT Turboprep® and GMAT Weekend Intensive prep courses in Dallas, TX. MLIC GMAT courses are backed by our unique, industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. MLIC GMAT prep courses require all participants to complete 120-hours of no-nonsense training in three distinct phases -- Pre-Class training (40 hours), in-class training (40 hours in Turboprep and 24 hours in Weekend courses), and post-class training (at least 40 hours). You will receive instructions for the required pre-class training as soon as you sign up or about six weeks before the start of in-class training, whichever is later. All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC in Dallas, TX use our patent-pending CPSD methodology that imparts strong Conceptual understanding in all GMAT assessment areas, uses time-tested Procedures that arms you with the skills required to pick the correct answer every time, drills works-every-time Strategies for taking the test efficiently and effectively in a time-critical environment, and employs a unique Diagnostic procedure to identify your unique weaknesses and to provide customized training to all participants. You will be trained in GMAT sections by the full-time, committed GMAT instructors who are MBA's and who have over 10 years of teaching experience; your GMAT training will involve the best GMAT preparatory materials that are frequently updated to reflect the changes taking place on the GMAT and to reflect the LIVE emphasis monitored on high difficulty GMAT problems in the current GMAT administrations; you will be trained to handle the high-difficulty level questions critical to achieving a GMAT test score of better than 700. The Result: MLICETS GMAT prep courses have produced more 90th percentile test-takers than any other me-too prep course offered by companies such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas Elite, Manhattan Review, Manhattan GMAT, Testmasters, and 800Score.Com. You cannot find a better value for your GMAT prep time and GMAT prep dollars than in the MLIC GMAT prep course offered at Dallas, TX. Enroll in the best GMAT preparation course offered at Dallas, TX today!
The GMAT Turboprep and GMAT Weekend intensive courses are offered by MLIC in Dallas, TX once each month, starting on the FOURTH Friday of each month and running for five consecutive days. For example, the fourth Friday in August 2010 falls on August 27, 2010; DALLAS, TX GMAT prep course will start on this date (08/27/2010) and finish on the following Tuesday (08/31/2010) if you choose the 5-Day Turboprep course option or finish on the following Sunday (08/29/2010) if you choose the Weekend intensive GMAT prep course option for the GMAT. The GMAT prep classes in Dallas, Texas run according to the following daily GMAT training schedule:

The GMAT Turboprep course and Weekend GMAT Intensive Course are held in TWO locations in Dallas, TX:
  • Embassy Suites Hotel, 2727 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas Market Center, Dallas TX 75207
  • Embassy Suites Hotel, 13131 North Central Expressway, Dallas Park Central, TX 75243.
. You can indicate your preferred location when you sign up but we reserve the right to register you in a class running in either of these two locations.
Register now and get started on the required pre-course training critical to validating your 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee™ and to getting a GMAT score of better than 700.
All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC in Dallas, TX and elsewhere -- Turboprep™, Weekend GMAT prep, and GMAT ONLINE PREP -- are backed by MLIC's unique 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. Under this provision, you are guaranteed to receive training in GMAT assessment areas required to shoot for and achieve GMAT scores of better than 700 and achieve a minimum GMAT score of at least 620 (a score in the 80th percentile). In order to validate this GMAT Score Guarantee, you should complete all 120+ hours of training (spread over three phases for in-class Turboprep and Weekend GMAT courses), participate actively in all the GMAT classroom tests and assignments, and take the GMAT test within 30 days of the last day of the in-class GMAT coaching sessions. If, after meeting the Score Guarantee validation requirement, if you fail to score at least 620 on the GMAT when you take the GMAT, any subsequent GMAT preparation and GMAT coaching required to get you up to the required competency levels in the GMAT assessment sectionswill be FREE. The GMAT Score Guarantee does not imply refund of the GMAT course fee paid or any other liabilities on the part of MLIC. No other GMAT prep company out there offers this GMAT score-specific Guarantee. How can MLIC offer this Score Guarantee™? Because MLIC uses the patent-pending CPSD methodology and trains you with frequently updated and relevant GMAT training materials reflecting the most recent test versions and having the most relevance to high-difficulty level questions critical to achieving a GMAT score in the 90th percentile or better. You cannot find a better value for your GMAT prep time and GMAT prep dollars -- Enroll in the industry-leading, best GMAT prep courses offered in Dallas, TX today!

"Your GMAT course was the most comprehensive preparation I could have received anywhere. Your GMAT study materials were simply outstanding and your classroom GMAT coaching was highly effective. Contray to my expectation, the long days spent in the class were not tiring at all. Your GMAT coach made it all worthwhile. Thanks to MLIC GMAT, I scored 710 when I took it on 06/10/2010. I remember vividly what the GMAT coach told us: do it once, do it right, and move on. I am ready to move on to application. MLIC GMAT prep works.
  -- Vince Beazer, GMAT PREP Course, Dallas, TX, May 2010 GMAT class-- GMAT Hall of Famer."

"Thank you for an amazing GMAT prep course in Atlanta. I took the test a week after the course and scored 740 in the 98th percentile. I strongly recommend MLIC GMAT course for a score in the 700's.
  -- Eric Essary, GMAT PREP Course, Atlanta, GA-- GMAT Hall of Famer, 07/07."
"Just wanted to let you know I took the GMAT after your GMAT preparation class and scored a 690 (within spitting distance of my goal of 700), so I’m pretty pleased. I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic GMAT training course. I have no doubt that, were it not for you Turboprep class, I would not have scored nearly as well as I did on the GMAT. Your GMAT prep course lives up to its billing.
  -- Keith Katz, GMAT Turboprep course, New York City-- GMAT Hall of Famer, 08/07."
"When I received your pre-course training instructions, I knew that I got my money's worth. Your strategy for qualifier policing in Critical reasoning and in Reading comprehension was the best I had seen anywhere. Your in-class coaching (shall I say, drilling?) was outstanding -- the instructor was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and had the patience to work with each one of us in the small group of 7 people. I am glad that I got trained and not given some tricks to work with. The payoff? A GMAT score of 710, a 140 point improvement from my previous score of 570. Thanks, MLIC, for providing the truly great GMAT training.
  -- Tobias Billstrom, GMAT Turboprep course, New York City-- GMAT Hall of Famer, 06/07."
"I thought you might like to know that I retook the GMAT today and got 650 (40 verbal, 40 quant (!)), taking me up to the 83rd percentile and representing an increase of 170 points from my first GMAT score of 480. I am quite pleased and hope that Tuck will be too! I am done with it though! Thank you for your help and your great GMAT course.
  -- Laura Murphy, GMAT Turboprep™ course, LONDON, ENGLAND-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I was a participant in MLIC Turboprep course for GMAT at Dallas, TX during February 2010. I took the GMAT again this morning (03/14/10) and scored a 720- a 150 point improvementover my prior score of 570 before I took the MLIC course! I can hardly believe it! My scaled scores were 49 in quantitative and 40 in verbal. Thank you for all of your help you provided during the GMAT prep course!"
  -- Karen Sweeney, GMAT Turboprep® course, Dallas, TX- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"Just got back from the GMAT testing center and figured I should let you know how it went. I'm very happy with the GMAT test results and with the fact that I won't have to take this test again. My unofficial GMAT scores are as follows: GMAT Quantitative Scaled Score: 49 - (90th Percentile) GMAT Verbal Scaled Score: 46 - (99th Percentile) GMAT Total Score: 770 - (99th Percentile) Guess the extra study time on GMAT Sentence Correction paid off. Thanks to everyone at MLIC who put together the excellent GMAT preparatory materials. Thanks again for your brilliant GMAT course."
   --Stefan Karlsson - GMAT Hall of Famer, GMAT TurboPrep Course participant, New York City.
"MLIC course for the GMAT was a major factor in my achieving the GMAT score of 720. Your study guides, and pre-course and in-course materials were the best I have seen. The quality of in-class instruction was outstanding. Last but not least, the MLIC course helped me get a grip on my weaknesses and improve in those areas."
   --Andy Maynard, GMAT Hall of Famer, London England.

Visit TESTIMONIALS ABOUT MLIC GMAT PREP COURSES to see more testimonials attesting to why MLIC GMAT Courses are the best preparation option for the GMAT. Remember the MLIC Advantage:
  • Proactive coaching in GMAT assessment areas, industry-leading, skill-enhancing, and goal-driven training and study materials for the GMAT, and Committed, full-time instructors having over 12 years of teaching experience.
  • All other GMAT prep courses use outdated GMAT materials including Official Guide to GMAT Review and cooked up prep materials by people who have never taken the GMAT. Read about the Lies, Deceptions, and falsehoods claimed by unscrupulous operators such as Veritas Prep which has been operating illegaly in California since 2002.
  • Manhattan GMAT does not believe in its 24-hour long sessions to offer you any sort of guarantee. MGMAT, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Testmasters, Powerscore all offer the least number of GMAT prep hours and use outdated materials taught by unqualified student instructors who may not have taken the GMAT at all. Do not be suckered by false claims by other GMAT prep courses. Be wise. When it comes to GMAT prepping, no one beats MLIC GMAT.
  • Did you know that Veritas LLC, a Connecticut LLC, has been operating illegally from California since 2002, without registering with the California SOS as required under the law? Read more Expose and updates on Veritas Prep and other GMAT prep companies here.
  • MLIC GMAT prep courses put you through the paces over 120 hours of no-nonsense, kick-ass training in GMAT-critical areas, and train you with frequently updated, most relevant to the current version of the GMAT, and high-difficulty level questions critical to getting a score of better than 700 on the GMAT. MLIC has produced more 90th percentile test-takers than any other course for the GMAT out there. Compare MLIC's 120 hours of goal-driven and skill-enhancing coaching for the GMAT with pitiful 18 to 27 hours offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan GMAT, and Manhattan Review, and you can see why MLIC GMAT Prep Course is the best value for your GMAT prep time and dollars. Manhattan GMAT does not believe in its training methodology and is the only company in the industry that does not offer any guarantee to back up its pricey but worthless training.
  • Veritas Elite Prep course for the GMAT claims to offer 36 to 42 hours of in-class training but have been known to scale back the in-class hours to 'accommodate' its instructors, as Veritas Prep did in Cincinnati, OH recently. Do not be stood up. Be wise. Choose MLIC.
  • Veritas Prep also fraudulently claims that all its instructors have scored in the 99th percentile. The instructor who taught the Veritas prep course at Tysons Corner, Virginia apparently admitted to the class that he had not taken the GMAT official test. Another instructor who taught the Philly course claimed to have scored 740, a score that is not sufficient to put his ranking in the 99th percentile. Beware of Veritas Prep's scams and false claims.
  • Veritas Prep is the only company that hires its instructors on the basis of resumes and phone interviews conducted over Skype (Veritas calls it 'video audition'), and sends them out to teach the classes without any training. At least on one occasion, Veritas Elite Prep hired an instructor (Dawn MaGee) a week before the start of the in-class training and sent her the books used in the training courses. Do you want to be taught by an inexperienced, rookie instructor when you pay $1,600? Think again.
    MLIC GMAT PREP ADVANTAGE: Get trained by professional GMAT trainers, not just fed useless tricks that do not work in the Computer Adaptive format of GMAT.
    MLIC GMAT uses full-time, dedicated instructors who are all MBA's, have over 12 years of teaching experience, and who are required to take the GMAT at least once each year and score in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. MLICETS -- your best bet for GMAT readiness.
  • MLIC offers Industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee™. No other prep course offers GMAT Score-specific training and coaching. MLIC offers proactive coaching and training, not just give you some tricks as all other GMAT prep courses do.
  • Frequently updated, most thorough, highly relevant GMAT study and training materials that reflect the current emphasis monitored on the high difficulty questions appearing in current GMAT administrations.
  • Patent-pending CPSD methodology that drills concepts, procedures, strategies, and Diagnostically assesses your unique weaknesses in order to customize the training for you. All other training courses teach you some tricks and illustrate those tricks with a few examples, and let you work on your own with their less-than-half-decent prep materials. MLIC proactively coaches you in the GMAT-critical areas, ensures that you are competent in those areas, and provides one-on-one support in your areas of weaknesses.
  • MLIC class size will not exceed 10 students, and typical class size is between 6 and 8 students. MLIC trains more GMAT test-takers in major markets such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. London, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, in one month than all other competitors do in the same month. For example, MLIC trains over a 2-month period about 50 people in New York City and Chicago; contrast this with about 6-12 people enrolled in Kaplan, Princeton Review, Veritas Prep, Manhattan GMAT, and other inferior GMAT preparation programs that are held over 6-8 week period.
    MLIC GMAT prep courses: Your best guarantee for GMAT success. Think MLIC GMAT!

  • The fee for the 5-Day Turboprep GMAT Course offered by MLIC in Dallas is U$1,495.
  • The fee for the Weekend 3-Day intensive GMAT Course by MLIC in Dallas, TX is U$1,195.
  • The fee for the GMAT ONLINE prep course for the GMAT by MLIC is U$695.
  • The fee for the GMAT Study Guides for 700+ GMAT Score by MLIC is U$79.
  • The fee for the One-on-One GMAT prep is U$2,950 for 30 hours of coaching.
    U$75 per hour for additional hours.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that you have enrolled in the BEST preparation course for the GMAT: PRICELESS
    You can sign up using our secure Registration form at GMAT REGISTRATION SITE. The GMAT course fee can be paid using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and certified Checks and money orders (available in the United States only)

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  • VISIT GMAT PREP COURSES HOME to read about the structure of our GMAT courses and the curriculum. All MLICETS GMAT prep courses require participants to complete at least 120 hours of training in three distinct phases-- 40 hours of pre-course training in GMAT assessment areas, 42 hours of in-class training, and 40 hours of post-course GMAT training. Get trained with the best in-class instruction, best training and study materials for the GMAT, and using the best diagnostic assessment that puts you on the path to a 90th percentile score on the GMAT. You get trained with frequently updated and most recently tested GMAT questions appearing in high-difficulty level. MLIC GMAT - Your best value for GMAT prep dollars and time.
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